Respuestas BCA

What kind of projects do you do?
Basically building projects, many of them from planning to ending of the interior. In other cases, projects correspond only to one of these 3 types.

What areas have you worked?
We have worked in many cities of the peninsula, mainly in Catalonia and especially in Barcelona.

Does your team work with consultants, technicians, engineers to solve each project?
For years, our trade is associated with all the technical services needed to carry out a project / work. Working with the best consultants allows us to offer a good multidisciplinary team.

What services does your office provide?
All linked to the process of drafting and supervision of works, regardless of the technical aspect, we provide value in the currently determining commercial aspect.

How would you define your architecture?
Calm, austere, timeless.

What are the strengths of your office?
Desire and commitment to meet the goals.

Innovating means taking risks. Do you assume risks with each project?
No, it is part of the profession.

What do you mean when you say “service society”?
Grouped in one device, all technical agents involved in the development of a project, from blank paper to the end of work.

What is your work process?
Analysis, proposal, analysis, proposal…

Do you make the project and construction management?
Yes, both. We do ALL of it.

What are the deadlines for completion?
Adjusted to maximum without compromising product quality.

Do you meet deadlines for the different phases of program implementation?
Yes, and if there are unexpected, corrective measures are taken.

Who are your main customers?
We make no distinction. We have very important customers, but all are MAIN.

Do you regularly work with them?


BCA have been concentrated mainly in Catalunya and Madrid, however BCA has also worked in other parts of Spain: Navarra, Murcia, Valencia, The Canary Islands… Fundamentally we develop building projects, highlighting offices, residential, interior design and expansion plans sector. But we have also designed hotels, equipment and urban planning.

These are our main customers sorted by number of projects.


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