Yurbban Passage

62 rooms 4*

  • Place C. Trafalgar 26. BCN
  • Client SLAEBON SA
  • Type Hotels
  • Total built area 3.345 m²
  • Completion date July 2017

Almost adjacent to the Yurbban Trafalgar, this second hotel of the group represents a great opportunity to recover and promote the Passatge de les Manufactures, which connects C/ Trafalgar with C/ Sant Pere, one floor below the first.

Not only does it cross the listed building, but the strips are lined with small businesses that have been part of the everyday life of the neighbourhood.
The quality of the spaces, the laws of the structure itself and the façade have been the guiding thread of the way the hotel fits in, seeking the best balance between the number and geometry of the rooms and the spaces destined for shared uses, whether open or closed. Particularly noteworthy are the lobby, the water area, show cooking area and, of course, the terrace with swimming pool, a space of considerable dimensions considering the size of the hotel.

It is important to highlight the work done to recover all the elements of architectural heritage that had been forgotten or damaged. The fact that it is a building for hotel use means that it can be enjoyed and visited by many people, something that does not always happen.