465 rooms 5*

  • Place Pl. Pius XII 4. BCN
  • Type Hotels
  • Total built area 48.500 m²
  • Completion date December 2018

Going from being called Princesa Sofia to Gran Hyatt Barcelona defines and summarises the guiding thread at the heart of the comprehensive refurbishment of one of the city’s largest and most iconic hotels.

Updating the concept of what a modern hotel should be, the difference between before and after is stunning. Opening it up to the outside, to the neighbourhood area through landscaping and small-scale urban planning, with different catering options on the ground floor, a mezzanine with a wide array of rooms and a large hall in the basement, not to mention refurbishing each and every room as well as the new proposal for the attic and multi-purpose rooftop, were just some of the stand-out actions that were undertaken. But the above wouldn’t be the same without giving the building itself a facelift, in other words, the façade, on which the new coating and the chromatic design have distinguished between the volumes and their aesthetic through the base with two layers of stone cladding.

Committed to the environment and to creating a more sustainable world, this hotel is LEED Gold certified.