67 rooms

  • Place Pg. Maragall 295. BCN
  • Type Residences
  • Total built area 4.000 m²
  • Completion date July 2021

Located on a solar limited by two streets with a very important difference in height between them (18 metres), conditioning the proposal. The project is resolved by accessing Paseo Maragall, and, in a staggered manner, different levels are generated (terracing), which will become terraces and gardens for the residents, a fundamental part of the proposal. Some are located on the building itself and others on the ground.

When the Special Plan was drafted, a connection was proposed between the two streets by means of a staircase with a multitude of landings. Its public use represents a great improvement for the neighbours, who avoid having to make a long walk. The geometry of the site and the steep slope of the terrain, together with the functional programme, configure the united volumetry with two directions perpendicular to the two streets.