• Place C. Badajoz, 58. BCN
  • Type Offices
  • Total built area 10.697 m²
  • Completion date December 2022

The Badajoz 58 building is designed in a clear dialogue and relationship with the neighbouring MILE block. An office building with a floor plan adjusted to just over 600 m² of usable area, 10 storeys high and practically free-standing from the fifth floor upwards. The building has the core of vertical communications and services on the northeast façade facing a future facility, thus freeing up the whole floor. The volume is materialised with a curtain wall with solar protection slats that become denser as the building gets taller, meaning there is less solar protection from slats on the lower floors, where the surrounding buildings and trees already perform this task. The slats grouped on two or three floors make the number of floors of the building, and the staircase of the building, unidentifiable.

The façade of the core area is made of exposed brickwork, like Mile, gathering up the curtain wall, creating a smoother façade without a direct view of the activity towards the facilities.

The main façade acts as a backdrop to Mile’s internal passage.